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Genuine Reviews

This is a selection of some of the genuine reviews we’ve received over the years.

They’re not like normal builders! They are perhaps the most capable and likeable group of tradesmen that I’ve ever worked with.

You can tell that this team have been working together for years. The work ethic, attention to detail and general atmosphere on site is incredible.

Our project was delivered on time and on budget. I don’t know how Simon manages to keep everything so organised and to schedule.

I can’t recommend them highly enough. We were introduced to TEC through a friend who’s house we absolutely love and they’ve delivered again for us.

TEC originally came to do a bit of landscaping for us 7 years ago. They’ve since built us an entirely new house and are currently building us a pool!

From experience, it’s incredibly rare to maintain an excellent relationship with an entire team for the duration of a project. It was a pleasure to work with TEC throughout. First class communication at all stages and a tight control of our budget.

I loved the fact that it felt that they were building their house as well as mine. The care and attention to detail is quite extraordinary.

I needed a vast amount of external cladding for my house which was proving incredibly difficult to source locally at a reasonable price. When we ran out of options, they set up a whole new company to deliver it!!! Amazing. Check it out –

Unlike any building company we’ve ever worked with. TEC have been a pleasure from beginning to end.

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